y.azz x b-mywingz join Locomotiva Azul

y.azz x b-mywingz join Locomotiva Azul

y.azz x b-mywingz are the most recent addition to Locomotiva Azul’s artist roster. Composed of Mariana Prista (voice, lyrics) and Margarida Adão (composition, production), the duo stood out with a victory in the EDP Live Bands competition, an achievement that took them to the stages of two iconic festivals: NOS Alive (Lisbon) and Mad Cool (Madrid). Their debut album, Cycles (Sony), released in 2021, reveals a perfect synthesis between R&B, Pop and Hip Hop, and has captured the attention of both public and critics.

It was a thunderous victory at the prestigious EDP Live Bands competition in 2019, that put Mariana and Margarida under the spotlight. Mariana’s voice and stage presence and Margarida’s intricate beats, unanimously impressed the public and the jury, and in a truly memorable debut year, they performed on two of the biggest stages on the Iberian Peninsula: NOS Alive, in Portugal, and Mad Cool, in Spain. “With a voice that immediately stays in your ear and jaw-dropping production, they will certainly make a name for themselves“, wrote the Portuguese press.

In 2020, they revealed ‘dis/closure’ and ‘Did it All Again’, which were both included in many radio playlists across the country, and which anticipated their debut album, Cycles, released in May 2021.

Cycles fuses together different soundscapes into one grandiose and multidimensional work. We easily find the influence of The Weeknd, Jorja Smith, Frank Ocean or Mahalia. But this is a work that is more than the sum of its references and inspirations. y.azz x b-mywingz don’t strive to be anyone other than themselves. We find this genuineness in the powerful lyrics written by Mariana, where she looks at life’s problems with open eyes and an open soul and sings with disarming vulnerability about love, mental health and growing up. It is in the complementarity between these themes and Margarida’s intricate compositions – where a certain “portugality” never ceases to stand out, for example, with the utilization of traditional Portuguese guitars on dis/closure – that the unusual quality of the duo stands out. The future is abundant.