Tindersticks announce new album ‘Past Imperfect’ and reveal unreleased single

Tindersticks announce new album ‘Past Imperfect’ and reveal unreleased single

Tindersticks have announced ‘Past Imperfect: The Best of Tindersticks ’92-’21’, a new record to be released in March which anticipates the band’s European tour, with a stop in Portugal on 13 and 14 May.

On the verge of embarking on an extensive European tour that will pass by the Coliseus of Lisbon and Porto on May 13 and 14, Tindersticks have revealed a brand new record, to be released on March 25 by City Slang. ‘Past Imperfect: The Best of Tindersticks ’92-’21’ showcases collected works throughout their rich history.

The album features a previously unreleased and never-before-revealed track ‘Both Sides Of The Blade’, made available online today. The track was written for Claire Denis’ upcoming film ‘Avec amour et acharnament’, starring Juliette Binoche, which opens on 12 February. The video was directed by Stuart Staples.

Mavens of intimate and expansive mood-song, Tindersticks have forged paths of their own unobstructed making over three decades, avidly trend-averse in their dusky and far-reaching explorations of the heart. Their first three albums issued ragged ruminations and tea-stained symphonies from the trenches of trouble and desire. The press shook up references to The Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen and Lee Hazlewood, with Ennio Morricone’s orchestra as the bar-band. But the six-piece were architects of their own world.

Formed in Nottingham, the band were tight-knit and clear about what they wanted to be. Free of ego, here was a band who truly listened to one another, reflected in songs that hover in the spaces between players or take wing with a pooled potency.

Over the following three decades, the band flourished and made their mark as they experimented and excelled, opening themselves up to collaboration and notching up ambitious concerts and residencies.

For Staples and Boulter, recent projects have brought with them the promise of an open page: a pointer to futures as yet unwritten. “I think there’s always that feeling that there’s something you haven’t quite grasped yet, musically,” says Boulter, pinpointing the twinned engines of yearning and ambition at Tindersticks’ core. Meanwhile, ‘Past Imperfect’ honors how they entered. It is the sound of an uncommonly ambitious band always seeking new ways to connect with their songs, rediscovering themselves as a unit at every turn so that everything familiar about their music sounds fresh again. Always, of course, by nobody’s measure but their own.

“One of the greatest things I feel in approaching this milestone,” says Stuart of the band’s 30th, “is that all of the mistakes we’ve made are our mistakes. If there’s something wrong, there’s something wrong because we decided in the moment that this is what we should be and we physically made it that way. I’m kind of proud of that. We’re still here, we’re still connected, we’re still pushing and it’s been totally on our own terms. I can’t really think of many other bands that are in that situation.”  

‘Past Imperfect: The Best of Tindersticks ’92-’21′:
1. City Sickness
2. Her (‘92)
3. Tiny Tears
4. Travelling Light
5. My Sister
6. Rented Rooms
7. Can We Start Again
8. Dying Slowly
9. Sometimes It Hurts
10. My Oblivion
11. Harmony Around My Table
12. Show Me Everything
13. This Fire Of Autumn
14. Medicine
15. What Are You Fighting For?
16. How He Entered
17. Were We Once Lovers?
18. Willow (New)
19. Pinky In The Daylight
20. Both Sides Of The Blade