Simin Tander is Locomotiva Azul’s new artist!

Simin Tander is Locomotiva Azul’s new artist!

Singing in both English and Pashto/Afghaani, Simin Tander owns one of the most exciting and breathtaking voices on today’s European jazz scene. Her music is characterized by her warm, powerful timbre and poetic lyrics that reflect on her Afghan roots and her experiences as a woman.

Tander has released several critically acclaimed albums that showcase her versatility as an artist. Her debut album, ‘Wagma’, was released in 2012 and features a mix of traditional Afghan songs and original compositions. ‘Where Water Travels Home’, released in 2014, introduced jazz into Tander’s music and captures the attention of the press. In 2016 she signed with the legendary ECM label and released ‘What Was Said’, a trio album with pianist Tord Gustavsen and drummer Jarle Vespestad and which was awarded the prestigious German Record Critics’ Prize.

‘Unfading’, her latest work, arrives in 2020. With a renewed quartet, in ‘Unfading’ Tander devises a new type of sound. Bassist Björn Meyer introduces new harmonic landscapes and atmospheric sounds. Drummer Samuel Rohrer brings subtlety to drums. The cherry on top is provided by Harpreet Bansal, violinist and viola player who, with oriental tones, paints new colors on Simin Tander’s music. The album has received excellent reviews, being described as an “intriguing and utterly hypnotic” work.

Simin Tander has performed at some of the world’s leading jazz festivals such as the Madrid Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Fest, San Francisco Jazz Fest, North Sea Jazz Festival, Hong Kong Jazz Festival, among many others. She is now preparing to debut on Portuguese stages.