Luísa Sobral releases mini-album of lullabies

Luísa Sobral releases mini-album of lullabies

Luísa Sobral just announced the release of her new mini-album ‘Camomila’, an EP with 7 lullabies for each day of the week. ‘Terça-Feira (coisas pequeninas)’ / ‘Tuesday (small things)’, is the first to be revealed, with a stop-motion music video already available on YouTube. On September 18th ‘Camomila’ will be released on all digital platforms and in Luísa’s official online shop.

With a subtitle that translates as ‘music to lull beings of all sizes’‘Camomila’ is a mini-album (EP) with seven lullabies, each dedicated to a specific day of the week. To better illustrate the intimate and stripped-down atmosphere of the songs Luísa only used classical instruments, such as piano and cello, the latter played by Ana Raquel Pinheiro. The cover was designed by Camila Beirão dos Reis.

‘Camomila’ is Luísa Sobral’s second album dedicated to children, after the successful 2015 album ‘Lu-Pu-I-Pi-Sa-Pa’. In comparison, ‘Camomila’ is more conceptual, as it is aimed at a younger audience.

Available on all platforms from next Saturday, September 18th, Camomila’ will have a limited CD edition that will only be on sale at Luísa Sobral’s official online shop. Whoever purchases the record until 30 September will have the opportunity to receive it at home, autographed, and with a personalized message written by Luísa herself.

‘Camomila’ marks the return of Luísa Sobral, after the acclaimed album ‘Rosa’ (2018) and the 2020 singles ‘Para Ti‘ and ‘Todo Lo que No Está‘, the ravishing duet with Spanish singer Zahara. In the year that marks 10 years since the release of her debut album – ‘The Cherry on My Cake’ – Luisa has been celebrating the ephemeris on stage, with several concerts in Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, etc.