Luísa Sobral announces first ‘DanSando’ tour dates

Luísa Sobral announces first ‘DanSando’ tour dates

The tour for ‘DanSando’, Luísa Sobral’s new album, kicks off this week with concerts in Germany and Luxembourg. Porto and Lisbon are also already confirmed.

‘DanSando’, the brand new album by iconic Portuguese singer-songwriter Luísa Sobral, is becoming a success in Portugal: it was the best-selling record in the week of its release and has received numerous positive reviews, which describe it as one of the musical highlights of 2022.

The album can now finally be heard live. The presentation tour begins this Thursday, the 25th, with a concert in Germany (Bad Homburg), and on the following day in Luxembourg (Echternach), where Luísa will open the doors to the sunny hopeful songs of her new album at the prestigious Echter’World Festival.

The official presentation concerts in Portugal will happen in February 2023: on the 18th Luísa will go on stage at Casa da Música, in Porto, and on the 25th she will perform at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Lisbon.

Exploring the realms of solar pop, ‘DanSando’ is filled with eleven original songs guided by the need to sing about love. This thematic and poetic palette makes ‘DanSando‘ an intimate and personal album, but also a very socially aware and implicated work. It is this proximity that Luísa wants to bring to her new tour, in which she will be accompanied on stage by Manuel Rocha on guitar, António Quintino on bass and double bass and Carlos Miguel Antunes on drums.

“An intriguing and beguilingly intimate album, ‘DanSando’ is a delight” ★★★★ Songlines (UK)

“Cheerful, hopeful and energetic like never before” Jazzthetik (Germany)

“‘DanSando’ is (…) one of the musical highlights of 2022” Espalha-Factos (Portugal)