Um Português e um Brasileiro entram num Bar… (2021)


Gregorio Duvivier and Ricardo Araújo Pereira, two of the best comedians of Portuguese language, will perform at Tivoli BBVA Theatre in Lisbon on 22 and 23 November, and at Sá da Bandeira Theatre, in Porto, on 29 November. The two friends, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, are now back together for three unique nights. Tickets are already on sale.


Um Português e um Brasileiro entram num Bar… In English this reads as “A Portuguese and a Brazilian enter a bar…” The Portuguese is Ricardo Araújo Pereira, the Brazilian is Gregorio Duvivier. Gregorio and his friends created Porta dos Fundos, the biggest humour Youtube channel in Brazil. Ricardo created, also with friends, the massively popular TV show Gato Fedorento, in which Gregorio was inspired to create Porta dos Fundos. Both write every week for Folha de São Paulo and create a programme of political humour. Each format – sketch, column, comedy news – has its challenges, but they all have the same obligation in common: to be funny.


Ricardo and Gregorio got together and talked twice, in 2017, with great success. The videos of those encounters surpassed one million views on YouTube. But most importantly: they became friends. They never saw each other again. Today, they’re two unique figures of Portuguese humour and need a pretext to get back together. Hence ‘Um Português e um Brasileiro entram num Bar…’