Tindersticks – 30th Anniversary Shows (2022)


2022 marks Tindersticks’ 30th career anniversary. To celebrate such a special occasion, the band led by Stuart Staples has just completed a special tour that passed through countries that have had a special meaning in the band’s journey. Portugal was included in this tour, with concerts on 13 May, at Coliseu de Lisboa, and 14 May, at Coliseu do Porto. Both nights were co-produced by Locomotiva Azul and Produtores Associados.



The concerts will cover the band’s extensive discography, from Tindersticks, debut album released in 1993, to the most recent and mesmerizing Distractions, released in February this year. The band will be accompanied by an orchestra and by several guests who have marked the band’s path such as: Lucy Wilkins, Calina de la Mare, Rob Spriggs, Sarah Willson, Gina Foster and sax player Terry Edwards.



“It’s a true pleasure to be here together and to be abre to play the songs with the full arrangements. And, of course, to play our music for all of you again. It is exciting!”




Tindersticks were born in 1992 and counts with Stuart Staples (vocalist), David Boulter (keys) e Neil Fraser (guitar) and other more recent members, Dan McKinna (bass, since 2007) and Earl Harvin Jr (drums, since 2010). Throughout their career they have established themselves as masters of restraint and poetic human emotion, drawing out dense, melancholic songs whose textures and beauty have found a special place in the hearts of the Portuguese public, where they have always been cherished. The choice of Porto and Lisbon to be part of this commemorative tour thus highlights the importance that Portugal for the Nottingham group.