Cristina Branco and João Paulo Esteves da Silva release new album ‘Amoras numa Tarde de Outono’

Cristina Branco and João Paulo Esteves da Silva release new album ‘Amoras numa Tarde de Outono’

Since ‘Post Scriptum’ (2000), Cristina Branco‘s second album, that pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva and the portuguese singer have been gathering unique live performances, seen and heard by distant diferent audiences. Thus emerged the genesis of ‘Amoras numa Tarde de Outono’, an album that seeks to register, like a photograph, the duo’s live work of the last 20 years.

Amongst the fourteen songs that make up ‘Amoras numa Tarde de Outono’, there are new songs and also some re-editions, such as the single ‘O Lenço da Carolina’, whose original was on ‘Alegria’, Cristina Branco’s 2013 album. Most of the songs were written by João Paulo Esteves da Silva, but the album also has contributions from Manuela de Freitas and José Mário Branco on ‘Este Silêncio’, Santos Moreira and Linhares Barbosa on ‘Fado Menor’ and Ricardo J. Dias on ‘Uma Outra Noite’.

The album was played in its original formation – the piano and voice recital – and recorded in only three takes, over two dark autumn afternoons. The result is a kaleidoscopic work, somewhere between fado and traditional music, which seeks to recreate the symbiosis and intimacy of the duo in concert.

‘We sought to create an album that would convey the closeness that only a piano and voice recital can offer. I hope this comes through in the record, the intimacy.’

‘I have worked with João Paulo since my second album and since then we have collaborated several times, João composing lyrics and music for my little madness, and so we’ve built a mesh of 20 years of understanding. This is an album about that understanding, like a conversation.’