Cara de Espelho announces festival tour with concerts at MED Loulé and FMM Sines

Cara de Espelho announces festival tour with concerts at MED Loulé and FMM Sines

Cara de Espelho will perform this Saturday, 1st June, in Lisbon at the Fnac Live festival. The concert will kick off their summer tour, which will visit some of the most iconic national festivals, such as MED Loulé, FMM Sines, and Bons Sons (Cem Soldos, Tomar). 

Their return to the stage is scheduled for this Saturday at the Jardins da Torre de Belém. Maria Antónia Mendes, Carlos Guerreiro, Luís J Martins, Nuno Prata, Pedro da Silva Martins, and Sérgio Nascimento will take the stage at the Fnac Live festival. Next week, on 8th June, the super band will head to Covilhã, where they will perform at the TMC – Teatro Municipal da Covilhã

The tour will continue throughout the summer, with Cara de Espelho making an appearance at the MED Loulé on 27th June and, the following month, on 26th July at the Festival Músicas do Mundo de Sines (FMM). On 10th August, the band will perform at the Bons Sons festival in the village of Cem Soldos, Tomar. In September, Cara de Espelho has already confirmed their presence at Festa do Avante on the 8th and at Amadora em Festa on 14th September. More dates will be announced soon.

They debuted in October 2023 with “Corridinho Português” and “Político Antropófago,” the two singles that showed for the first time, the unique sound of Cara de Espelho, the new super band of Portuguese popular music. Their eagerly awaited self-titled album was released on 26th January and received great acclaim from the specialised press, both national and international.

‘But they are also one of the most exciting bands one could dream of as they gather members of Deolinda, Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Humanos, Ornatos Violeta and A Naifa’. in Songlines, May 2024 ****

‘Throughout, this album presents Lisbon’s sound as both traditional and contemporary, – perfectly portrayed in ‘Corridinho Português’, ‘Dr. Coisinho’ and ‘Fadistão’ – making sure tradition is porous to every social shift.’  in Songlines, May 2024 ****


TOUR 2024 

24 FEV BRAGA Theatro Circo
02 MAR LOULÉ Cine-Teatro Louletano
04 MAR LISBOA Teatro Maria Matos
05 MAR LISBOA Teatro Maria Matos
16 MAR PORTO Casa da Música
25 ABR PORTO Avenida dos Aliados
01 JUN LISBOA Fnac Live
08 JUN COVILHÃ Teatro Municipal da Covilhã
27 JUN LOULÉ Festival MED
26 JUL SINES Festival Músicas do Mundo
10 AGO CEM SOLDOS Festival Bons Sons
08 SET SEIXAL Festa do Avante
14 SET AMADORA Amadora em Festa
29 NOV LISBOA São Luiz Teatro Municipal