y.azz x b-mywingz

y.azz and b-mywingz are Mariana Prista (voice, lyrics) and Margarida Adão (composition, production). The duo stood out with a win at the EDP Live Bands 2019 festival, an achievement that took them to the stages of the NOS Alive (Lisbon) and Mad Cool (Madrid) festivals in the same year. Their debut album, Cycles (Sony), released in 2021, has captured the attention of the public and critics alike and reveals a refinement of the duo’s original aesthetic, a perfect cross between R&B, Pop and Hip Hop.


Mariana and Margarida met in London. Both music students, of Commercial Music Performance and Music Production, respectively, it wasn’t long before, between strolls in Camden Town and the hustle and bustle of London life, the embryo of the project that would bring them together after their return to Portugal was born: y.azz x b-mywingz.


In 2019 they won the sixth edition of the EDP Live Bands competition. Mariana’s voice and fierce stage presence and Margarida’s intricate beats impressed the public and the jury alike, and in a truly memorable debut year, the duo performed on two of the biggest festivals in the South of Europe: NOS Alive, in Portugal, and Mad Cool, in Spain. “With a voice that immediately sticks in your ear and jaw-dropping production, they will surely make a name for themselves”, wrote the Portuguese press at the time.


In 2020, they revealed the singles dis/closure and Did it All Again, which entered major national radio playlists and anticipated their recording debut, which happened with Cycles, distributed by Sony Music.


Published in May 2021, Cycles is a grandiose and multidimensional album that navigates somewhere between R&B, Pop and Hip Hop and where we find the influence of The Weeknd, Jorja Smith, Frank Ocean, or Mahalia. But Cycles is more than the sum of its inspirations. It is a complete and deep thought work with a strong sense of identity. y.azz x b-mywingz don’t strive to be who they aren’t. We find this genuineness in the lyrics and in Mariana’s powerful and simultaneously vulnerable voice: here she faces life’s problems with disarming candor and sincerity, from love to mental health, to the tiring journey of growing up. It is in the complementarity between these themes and Margarida’s innovative compositions – where a certain portugality never ceases to stand out, for example, in the utilization of traditional Portuguese guitars on dis/closure – that the unusual quality of the y.azz x b-mywingz project really stands out. The future is abundant.


“This duo’s mix, explosively impulsive, inviting, refined, elevates them to the ranks of the most impactful and emerging artists within Portuguese music.” PUNCH MAGAZINE



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