Mariana Prista or y.azz took her first steps in the music world in London, where the embryo of the collaborative project y.azz x b-mywingz was born.


The duo stood out in 2019 year with a win at the EDP Live Bands festival, an achievement that took them to such iconic festival as NOS Alive (Lisbon) and Mad Cool (Madrid) in the same year.


The duo’s debut album, ‘Cycles’ (Sony), arrived in 2021 and soon captured the public’s attention, with some of its singles – ‘Paris’ and ‘These Days’ – being included in several Best Music of 2021 lists and Spotify’s prestigious ‘Equal’ playlist.


In 2022 Mariana decided to explore new possibilities with y.azz, her new solo project. ‘Love Language’ and ‘Trouble’, the two singles already revealed, give glimpses of the sound we can expect from this new adventure and are the first acts of a story that will be told on ‘Heartbreak Mixtapes’, debut EP whose release is scheduled for 11 February.