Sara Cruz

Sara Cruz is a talented Portuguese singer-songwriter. Her music is an immersive fusion of pop and folk, providing a deeply reflective sonic experience.


In 2021, she was invited to participate in the traditional Portuguese music album “Coreto” by Rogério Charraz, featuring lyrics by José Fialho Gouveia, about which portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias wrote: “A love story with other stories inside.”


The following year, the singer and songwriter joined the Portuguese collective “Avalanche” with the track “Neblina,” releasing their debut original album titled “Volume I.”


Sara Cruz has been captivating audiences with intimate acoustic performances, often solo, taking her guitar across various regions of Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain, and sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Reuben James, Maria Gadú, or Nuno Bettencourt. Her music is an immersive fusion of pop and folk, offering a deeply reflective sonic experience.


Following “Day or Two” “Grass Is Greener” and “The Show” “Plot Holes” is the latest single from Sara Cruz’s highly anticipated debut album. She was recognized as a New Talent by FNAC in 2019 and won the “NiT New Talent” contest. Her involvement in the documentary “House of Talents,” promoted by Yamaha Music Europe in 2021, solidified her position as a truly rising artist. The documentary series follows the journey of six emerging artists from across Europe, brought together for an exclusive songwriting experience in Barcelona, living in a villa filled with instruments and a home studio, with the mission to collaborate, create music, and perform live.


After being part of the group of ten selected acts for the 28th OuTonalidades showcase program, which took place in March at the Auditorium and Café-Concerto of CAA – Centro de Artes de Águeda, and performing at the Festival d’O Engenho at the Museum of Angra do Heroísmo in the Azores, Sara Cruz announced her participation in the 40th Maré de Agosto Festival, which will be held at Praia Formosa, Santa Maria, Azores, on August 23rd.


Hailing from the stunning São Miguel Island, her music also reflects the incredible beauty of her homeland and what it’s like to live on an island in the middle of the Atlantic.



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