Rocío Márquez

Rocío Márquez is one of the greatest cantaoras in contemporary flamenco.


Owner of a prodigious voice, a career built step by step, and a solid education, Rocío Márquez is in the flamenco renovators’ family, where she asserts herself with a noble and popular vision of this art. Her restless personality and curiosity are evident in her discography, which shows as much love for the flamenco tradition as a pressing need to expand the limits of that same tradition, exploring and experimenting with melodies, instrumentation, arrangements, and lyrics. Her creative restlessness led her to share the stage with Jorge Drexler, Rosa Torres Pardo, Arcángel, Carmen Linares and José Manuel Zapata and the studio with The New Raemon, Christina Rosenvinge, Kiko Veneno, Albert Plá, Dani de Morón, Diego Carrasco and Raul Refree.


From her debut in Aquí y Ahora (2009) to her last album, Visto en el Jueves (2019), we witness an artist in a continuous growth process and in search for herself through music. Visto en el Jueves is an album that proposes an exercise in memory. A critical reflection on the concept of authorship, in which the gap between flamenco and non-flamenco is blurred. 


In 2008, Rocío was awarded one of the most prestigious awards in Flamenco, ‘Lámpara Minera’ and, in 2013, with the ‘Coups de Coeur de l’Académie de Charles Cros‘.


Márquez gave two sold-out concerts in Portugal in 2020 – in Lisbon (CCB) and Porto (Casa da Música) – dazzling the audiences with the presentation of Visto En El Jueves. The return to Portugal will happen in 2021.

“Probably the most highly prized young talent in flamenco today.” EL PAÍS

“Rocío Márquez, the jewel of flamenco.” LE MONDE

“One of the most important voices in contemporary flamenco.” PÚBLICO 


Paulo Sousa Martins


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