Opera Tellers

The goal of the OperaTellers Collective is the dissemination of the operatic genre, the creation of new audiences, and the promotion of emblematic spaces from the north to the south of Portugal.


The Collective invests in the excellence of the staging and wardrobe design, in the musical and dramatic quality of the performers, and in the creation of inspiring environments without the use of heavy scenarios and complex technical structures, allowing the greater mobility of the show and facilitating the decentralization of offer.


OperaTellers offer a wide range of musical formats but specialize in adapting complete operatic compositions. The choice of repertoire takes into account the lack of knowledge of the public about the operatic genre: the compositions are reduced to a maximum of 70 minutes and the sections chosen are the most musically attractive and that allow understanding of the action.


The original language of the composition is maintained, with explanatory texts in Portuguese, inserted by a narrator or by the characters themselves, which allow the whole narrative to be followed, creating what is called “OperaTelling”.


The OperaTellers’ debut was in 2016 with the presentation of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ at Mosteiro de Alcobaça. The show opened the XXIV Cistermúsica – Alcobaça Music Festival.


Paulo Sousa Martins