Luísa Sobral

Luísa Sobral is one of the most important singer-songwriters of the new generation of Portuguese musicians.


She debuted in 2011, with the album The Cherry on My Cake, very well received by the public and critics. It was followed by There’s A Flower In My Bedroom (2013), with guests like Jamie Cullum, António Zambujo and Mário Laginha, Lu-Pu-I-Pi-Sa-Pa (2014) where Luísa expands her universe beyond the aesthetics of her first records, and Luísa (2016), recorded in Los Angeles by the prestigious producer Joe Henry (Madonna, Elvis Costello, among others) and featuring Marc Ribot on guitars. 


Luísa is an active composer and producer. She writes regularly for other artists, such as Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Gisela João, Marco Rodrigues, Mayra Andrade, among others. This dimension of her work shone greatly in 2017: Luísa was invited to compose for the Portuguese Song Contest (Festival da Canção). The result is well known: Amar Pelos Dois – composed by Luísa and interpreted by her brother, Salvador Sobral – gave Portugal its first-ever victory in Eurovision. During this period, Luísa also produced Elisa Rodrigues’ album As Blue as Red (2018), Coreto (2020) by Rogério Charraz and Joana Alegre’s most recent work.


In 2018, Luísa released her fifth album, Rosa. For the production, she invited the Catalan Raül Refree, one of the most prestigious producers and multi-instrumentalists in Spain. Rosa is Luísa Sobral’s most personal, mature and intimate album, privileging, besides her voice and guitar, a trio of woodwinds and elements of classical percussion. The beauty of the compositions is enhanced by the exquisite arrangements and the creative complicity between Luísa and Refree.


In 2020, Luísa once again expanded her creative horizons. She released a new single with the Spanish singer Zahara and debuted her new podcast O Avesso da Canção, where she interviews some of the biggest names in Portuguese music about the art of songwriting. 2020 also marks the stage debut with his brother Salvador Sobral in a series of unreleased concerts in Lisbon and Porto.


Besides being one of the most requested artists in Portugal, Luísa also has an extensive international repertoire. Since 2011, the year she played at the mythical BBC program ‘Later… with Jools Holland’, she has toured in Spain, France, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Japan, Brazil and Uruguay. Luísa is also a regular presence in international festivals like the WOMAD Festival in Adelaide, the Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival (Israel), the Barcelona Jazz Festival, the Cartagena Jazz Festival, the London Jazz Festival , Cully Jazz and the SXSW festival in Texas, USA.


In the year that marks 10 years since the release of her debut album, Luísa Sobral is celebrating the anniversary on stage. In September she released ‘Camomila’, a mini-album with seven lullabies dedicated to each day of the week.


“Her artistry is unmistakable” – ★★★★ RNR Magazine, UK


“A quite beautiful and strangely compelling set of songs and stories by a genuine talent” – ★★★★ Songlines, UK


”A classy masterpiece that we need listening to over and over.’ – ★★★★ Music Magazine, Japan

“It’s always the cumulative impact of multiple sensory experiences that makes WOMADelaide so memorable. But if I had to choose highlights I’d nominate two acts from opposite ends of the dynamic spectrum. Portuguese singer-guitarist Luisa Sobral presented two spellbinding shows on the tiny Moreton Bay stage, her voice floating effortlessly over tender lullabies and jazz-inflected jaunts, accompanied by the warm swell of a three-piece horn section.” – The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia



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