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Locomotiva Azul (#bluecomotive) is a music agency and cultural event producer founded by Paulo Sousa Martins in 2018. We are based in Lisbon, Portugal and we work mainly in two areas:


Artist representation: We provide management and agency services. We are the home to renowned Portuguese singer-songwriter Luísa Sobral, fado icon Cristina Branco, pop duo y.azz x b-mywingz, and international artists such as Yazz Ahmed, British jazz composer and trumpeter, Rocío Márquez, flamenco diva, Tord Gustavsen, Norwegian pianist, and Tindersticks, the British cult band.


Cultural events production and communication: We conceive and implement cultural events. We co-create and co-produce Montepio À Vezes o Amor festival, which in its 2021 edition was awarded the prestigious Marketeer Awards for Best Event of the Year, and the EA LIVE 2018 and 2019 festival, both great successes, with high national media impact. We also created and produced Locomotiva Sessions 2021 and Um Português e um Brasileiro Entram num Bar, a show with two of the best comedians of Portuguese language, Ricardo Araújo Pereira and Gregorio Duvivier. Besides this, we provide integrated cultural communication services, from conception to implementation. We do press relations, PR, management of social networks, content creation, management of media partnerships and sponsorships and we also provide consulting services.


Just like a locomotive that links people, ideas, and cultures, our mission at Locomotiva Azul is to create connections. We do that by establishing trust pacts with those who collaborate with us. But in truth, a locomotive doesn’t just connect. It also propels, stimulates, paves the way, inspires. And that is our vision: by creating bridges between people we allow the projects we work on to flourish and reach their full potential.


Our activity is based on well-defined values, namely passion, respect, and professionalism. We design and implement events with the utmost effort and commitment and we feel truly connected with each of our represented. In consequence, our work is faithful and diligent and we are able to create all the conditions for the development of each and every project we work on.


We are also committed to the integrity and protection of all the relationships that we establish. We aim to maintain a consistent level of mutual respect and professionalism towards our stakeholders.


Welcome to the #bluecomotive. Hop in!




Meet the Team



Paulo Sousa Martins  · info@locomotivaazul.pt

‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon



Francisco Taveira  · francisco.taveira@locomotivaazul.pt 

‘The more I learn, the less I realize I know


Locomotiva Azul

Produção & Marketing Cultural, Lda.

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