About Us

Locomotiva Azul is an agency and cultural producer founded by Paulo Sousa Martins in 2018. Our headquarters are in Lisbon, but our energy flows throughout the cultural universe, here and beyond borders, with a focus on four vibrant areas:


Artist Representation: Through management and agency services, we seek to bring our artists to the most demanding stages, with formats adapted to different realities, whether in a small auditorium, a coliseum, or a festival. We are interested in promoting artistic quality, and there is nothing better than witnessing the applause of the audience after each performance.


Production: We produce shows in the most emblematic venues in the country, with artists from various genres and with the support of a team with many years of experience: producers, advisors, roadies, runners, technicians – all around the same thing: passion for what we do.


Cultural Communication: For everything to happen, good communication is needed, and we are here for that: to communicate. We provide cultural communication services, from strategic planning to implementation. We do press relations, manage social networks, manage partnerships and sponsorships, and provide training and consulting services.


Record Label: We have our own Label, ensuring all executive production and music publishing services. With the Locomotiva Azul label, the best music reaches the public on CD, Vinyl, and is available on major streaming platforms.


Our mission is clear: to create connections that go beyond the obvious. The locomotive is not just a machine that moves – it propels, stimulates, and inspires. Through encounter and sharing, we allow projects to flourish, reaching their full creative potential. Passion, respect, and professionalism.


We love what we do, creating cultural events with passion and commitment. Each represented artist is one of us; we work side by side, creating the ideal conditions for their artistic and personal growth.





Meet the Team!



Paulo Sousa Martins  · info@locomotivaazul.pt

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

John Lennon



Beatriz Ramirez  ·  beatriz.ramirez@locomotivaazul.pt

“According to Darwin it is not the strongest of the species that survives but the best to adapt to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

Leon C. Megginson


Ana Paulo  ·  ana.paulo@locomotivaazul.pt

“Everything in the world began with a yes. One molecule said yes to another molecule and life was born.”

Clarice Lispector



Rita Almeida  ·  rita.almeida@locomotivaazul.pt

“Who says that our accomplishments are the only true measure of what is important in our lives? Perhaps there are other lives worth living.”

Nick Cave

Locomotiva Azul

Produção & Marketing Cultural, Lda.

Office: Rua Bulhão Pato Nº1B
(Teatro Maria Matos, Room 505)
1700-081 Lisbon, Portugal

T: (+351) 212 475 588

E: info@locomotivaazul.pt

VAT/Fiscal number: PT514794801